PTX Package - 15 Years of Proven Performance

PTX Performance

PTX™ Hull Technology

Premier’s PTX™ hull technology is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced in a pontoon. The PTX™ package—with a flat planing surface and lifting strakes placed on the inside of the two outer tubes—dramatically increases performance, stability and maneuverability, allowing for a quicker response, tighter turning radius, and better fuel economy. This system allows the boat to get up on plane faster, increasing your top speed by about 10% or more. The PTX™ ride is as comfortable as you will find on any boat in the industry, even in choppy water. Whether it’s the wake of another craft or white caps on a windy day, the PTX™ cuts through the waves to keep you comfortable and dry.

More Volume Equals More Buoyancy

More volume equals greater displacement. It’s basic math. Premier’s PTX™ hull has up to 15% more volume than the competition, giving you improved buoyancy and stability even when the boat is not on plane. 2016 marks the 15th anniversary of the Premier PTX™ and with that the introduction of the 42” package. The 42” PTX™ is 27% larger than the 36”, allowing for even greater buoyancy. More buoyancy allows for more horsepower and speed, as seen in this year’s introduction of the Dodici and Encounter.

PTX Performance

Choose from our 30”, 36” or 42” package. The PTX™ tube is upgraded from .090 to .125 gauge aluminum.

Our 7'-long storage area has 15.5 cu. ft. of space to accommodate almost anything you need to bring on your boat including skis, wakeboards, fishing rods, life jackets, and boat covers.

For safe and easy piloting, we include hydraulic steering on every PTX™ we sell. Sure, hydraulic steering is not mandatory, but as a buyer you’ll appreciate driving a boat that handles with the same ease as the power steering on your car.

Our sealed, extruded and contoured lifting strakes on the inside of the outer tubes improve overall performance. Lifting strakes allow the boat to get up on plane faster and will increase your top speed by as much as 10%.

Hydrodynamic, under-deck sheeting helps shed water away from the decking and increases performance.

Premier’s PTX™ features a standard 47-gallon, EPA-compliant fuel tank located in the center tube, placed in front of the transom for better balance and stability.

Handling You Can Bank On

PTX Performance

Round Tubes | 15% Less Volume

PTX Performance

Elliptical Tubes | 10% Less Volume

PTX Performance

Premier’s Patent Pending PTX™ Package

23” round tubes (shown on left) as it compares to elliptical tubes (shown in middle) as it compares to the PTX™ package. A 30” PTX™ is 10% larger than the elliptical tube (99 cu. ft. vs 91 cu. ft. – or 110%). A 36” PTX™ is 15% larger than the elliptical tube (105 cu. ft. vs 91 cu. ft.). The 27” round center tube with 23” outboard tubes has dramatically less flotation, even than the elliptical. The competition’s triple-tube technology doesn’t offer the buoyancy of the PTX™.


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