Heritage Fabric

Heritage Fabric

Higher Performance Standards

The sun is out. The days are long. Our Heritage Fabrics take performance to the max, meeting a broad range of requirements essential for a day out in the sun on our pontoons. All Prosperity, Grand and Sport Series furniture now come standard with our new Heritage Fabric.

Features & Benefits

  • Engineered for mastered performance utilizing proprietary Takumi technology, an artisan process providing luxury, softness, durability and ease of care
  • GREENGUARD certified, supporting a healthier environment
  • Heritage Fabric does not contain additives such as plasticizers and stabilizers, making them resistant to discoloration and “pinking” commonly seen in PVC-based products, as a result of mold and mildew
  • Enhanced solar endurance properties – preventing fading and spotting
  • Water repellency - shrugs off water to prevent moisture from setting in
  • EPA-registered anti-mildew, antimicrobial and anti-bacterial agents - resisting mold and mildew growth
  • Climate control technology - minimizing the effects of temperature extremes for skin protection, and prevention of stiffening and cracking
  • Colorfastness properties - protect against UV, perspiration, seawater and chlorinated water exposure
  • Learn more about our Heritage Fabric here
  • Heritage Fabric
  • Heritage Fabric
  • Heritage Fabric


  • Clean regularly with soap and water
  • Sanitize using disinfectants such as 1:5 bleach/water solution
  • Thoroughly rinse all solution residue with clean water and air dry


  • Our products should be kept in a dry, well-ventilated area
  • Cushions should not remain wet or be covered, as this will increase the chances of mildew growth
  • Clean frequently, as mildew may grow on dirt and other foreign substances not removed from fabric. The frequency of cleaning will vary depending on local outdoor environment