Patents & Exclusives

Premier holds several Industry-Leading Patents.

  • J-Clip™ canvas cover fastening system—easier to put on and take off
  • Rail spacers — allows water to run under the rails
  • E-Z Hinge system—a stronger hinge that opens wider and stays open
  • Bimini top and hardware—durable frame and connectors
  • Prow Bow Fiberglass Chassis on Velocity
  • Lighted Seat Stanchions on Velocity
  • Escalante Stairway Galley
  • Duro Rails
  • Crystal Caddy on Escalante
  • Encounter Cabin
  • Ricochet Ladder


Premier’s Positive Airlock System.

PALS is a proprietary system developed by Premier that creates positive air pressure within the tube chambers that reduces the possibility of the tube filling if a puncture occurs. The PALS venting system also helps eliminate potentially harmful condensation that can build up inside the tubes.

As water rises to the level of the PALS tube, the air vent becomes sealed, creating the positive airlock that prevents additional water from entering the tube from the puncture point.


Heritage Fabric NEW!

All Prosperity and Grand Series models now standard with Heritage Fabric

  • Fabrics are engineered for mastered performance utilizing proprietary Takumi technology, an artisan four layer production process providing luxury, softness, durability and ease of care
  • Climate control technology, assuring resistance to the effects of temperature changes, including stiffening and cracking
  • Thermal comfort, assuring a neutral body temperature resulting in a comfortable seating experience
  • Resistance to the pinking phenomenon as a result of mold and mildew, since our fabrics do not contain additives and plasticizers found in PVC
  • Cleans easily with soap and water and can be sanitized using a 5:1 bleach/water solution

The Perfect Pontoon

We take pride in keeping your boat afloat.

  • Thick .090 gauge corrosion-resistant aluminum
  • Solid aluminum keel—adds strength, wear resistance and prohibits invasive species
  • Precision-welded seams using automated pulse technology for superior weld quality
  • Multi-chambered tubes—adds strength and stability
  • Extruded and cap-welded lifting strakes
  • Fully welded endcaps are stamped and domed for added strength
  • Multiple-stage pressure drop testing — ensures a watertight tube


Fewer pieces means stronger nosecones.

  • Thick .100 gauge aluminum
  • 2-piece construction—fewer seams, more strength
  • Diamond crease in top plate—adds additional strength
  • Integrated 110”, .100 gauge
  • splash deflector — not an additional welded-on piece
  • 30% more buoyancy than the competition
  • More durable than the competition’s heavy-duty upgrade

Frames & Decks

Our decks have a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

  • Additional crossmembers throughout the transom
  • Stainless steel 3/8” carriage bolts attach Z-channels to M-brackets
  • Z-channels are designed to deflect water away from the deck
  • Sealer tape on each plywood seam—stops water penetration
  • 3/4” marine-grade, 7-ply decking
  • 10 Tekfastners per crossmember and 20 per seam—more than any other pontoon in the industry
  • Front deck infrastructure is one solid-welded frame

Electrical System

We simplify upgrades with labeled wiring.

  • Fully braided wiring harness with fire-retardant protective loom
  • Every wire is labeled to eliminate guesswork
  • Pre-wired for future electronic upgrades
  • Simple plug-and-play, water-resistant connectors
  • Marine-grade wire
  • Easy part number identification
  • Designed for extreme environments and a long service life

Rails & Panels

Check out the curves on our Duro Rails

  • 1-1/4” anodized .090 gauge rails
  • Integrated slot for panels
  • Panels sealed for quiet, rattle free ride
  • Panel is pressure-pinched into rail slot
  • Rails are curved and bent with proprietary tooling
  • All rail welds are done prior to anodizing or powder coating
  • Black or Pearl hammered finish options
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty on all rail welds

Wood-Free Furniture

No wood means no rot.

  • 100% wood-free Rotocast framework — light and strong
  • Integrated drainage system—eliminates standing water between the seat bottom and back rest
  • Wood-free, waffle-board seat bottoms—channels water away from the seat cushion
  • Stain-resistant DuraSoft7 vinyl
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty